1. Cambodian Black Smith Place
  2. Making Sticky Rice Bamboo Cake
  3. The Cambodian Cheese Factory( Fish Paste Making)
  4. Rice Paper Factory
  5. Countryside Tour
  6. Banana Chip (Dry Banana)
  7. Rice Wine Making
  8. Rice Noodle Making
  9. Chill out in rice field village
  10. Visit to infamous Wat Samrong Khnong (killing field/well of shadow)


Firstly, we start off on a small dirt road to see a black smith factory. Spend a few minutes having a look activities of black smiths making cutting toll like knifes, h axes, hoes and ………etc.


After, proceed to another factory called the Sticky Rice Bamboo Cake(Khroland). Take time to look around the locals making and selling this cake. You can enjoy a taste of this delicious snack as well.


Next, enter a 300 years old pagoda called Wat Samrong Khnong( kill field/ well of shadow) and learn a bit about Buddhist history and the Khmer Rouge from your guide.

tom wat samrong khng tom killing field

Then, continue on the countryside road to see the activities of farmers who grow/harvest crop in the fields (base on the season). Spend as much as you would like to communicate and relax with locals here.

tom countryside tom haevest season

After this, cross the Sangker River to visit the famous fish market called(Phrahok). Spend time to look around what they doing here with unforgettable smell from this market.

tom fish paste 3 tom fish paste 2

 A bout 10 minutes later, you reach a place known as the rice paper villages. Here, you can take a break and enjoy delicious snacks such as fresh and deep-fried spring rolls. Then, have a look how rice paper is produced while relaxing.

tom rice paper 3 tom rice paper1

After this, move on to the banana chip villages. take time to watch and learn how to make this dried banana treat from a family who work together with their children. Then you can sample this delicious snack.

h tom lear to cut banana

Another 10 minutes later, we will arrive at The Cambodian Rice Noodle Making. In here we can see  rice noodle being produced with ingredientsThe people there will show us detail about it.

tom rice noodle1 tom rice noodle

The last stop will be to rice wine factory. Learn about the rice whiskey production process which uses with interesting ingredients such as curry, rice hush, broken rice, rice grain and……etc. Finally, you can cheer up with small glass of wine to be happy ending of your morning tour.

tom rice wine received_1145085302214994

Now, It is time to relax a bit and have lunch with local people. Meantime, we have a chance to learn to spell  General Cambodian Phrases from people there.



  • Pedal bike/Bicycle with gear
  • Helmet/local hat
  • Rain coat ( If needed )
  • All Entrance Fee
  • Water
  • Cambodian Snacks
  • Pick-up and drop-off from the hotel
  • Local Guide


Tour starts from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm.


  • $ 18  for one person
  • $ 30  for 2 person
  • $ 12 each for more than 3 persons
  • 10 $ each for young person under 10 years old 

For a big group , please contact us for a discounted price ( Click here to contact )