TOUR 1 : HALF -DAY  MORNING COUNTRYSIDE TOURbattambang-bicycle-tour

Welcome to Battambang Bicycle Tour!. We organize special Spot for the countryside by cycling  around Battambang, Cambodia. If you want to explore the local cultures , cushions , rice fields and Cambodian way of living in countryside by bicycle, you are in right place. We provide you complete bicycle gear including helmet/pedal bike with local hat and rain cover. We organize both regular and private bicycle tours. You can choose from our standard tours or you can also request a customized tour based on your interest.Read More



This whole day tour will bring you joy to explore countryside of Cambodia. This Battambang bicycle tour will cover Cambodian Black Smith Place, Sticky Rice Bamboo Cake factory,the Cambodian Cheese Factory,Rice Paper Making, Banana Chip ,Rice Wine Making,The Beautiful Countryside. This also includes lunch with the countryside Cambodian people and also learning general Cambodian phrases. This will also include visiting Wat Samrong Khnong. In the afternoon, keep going to Fshing Village. Finally, enjoy Riding Funny Bamboo Train.Read more

13620992_1126799477377260_5252202514157314487_nThe afternoon tour by bike will bring to have fun ride with your guide to see the countryside in Battambang, Cambodia. You will see the activities of grow/harvest crop of farmers and their lifestyle on the way. Also, you have time to taste the delicious local snacks as well. Especially, you will see the nice view on top of the hill and take a chance to watch bats fly at bats cave. Meantime, you get to know a lot more from your local guide.Read More